On The Wheel

  • Blew Bayou - cleaning the tires...

    Noel Irvin and his '67 GTO, "Blew Bayou", stopped by for a visit today. With the outside temp hovering around 100 degrees, the car's a/c blowing cold air inside, Noel proved his little GTO is running quite well...
  • 67 Camaro "The Hammer"

    Pro Touring 67 Camaro - 383 Stroker, Tremec TKO 600, 3.55 Moser gears, Bear brakes, Budnik wheels, Global west/Qa-1, Hotchkiss, Caltrac, custom PPG paint & body mods.
  • LeMonster Out for a Ride

  • Night Mare and Blew Bayou AutoCross

    PAINTHOUSE brings two cars to this year's PPG Nationals in Columbus, OH.
  • 1972 Pontiac LeMans "LeMonster Lives"

    The 1972 Pontiac LeMans "LeMonster", owned by Byron Kahla, finally comes to life.
  • Blew by you...

    Smoking Goat, anyone?
  • BLEW BAYOU: open header run, 411 hp at the rear tires...

    This is the final dyno run of the day, this time with the headers uncapped. We gained less than 5 horsepower, so the exhaust must be dang efficient. The 411 number translates to a 25% loss from the 550 the engine made on the flywheel when dyno tested by the builder, Butler Performance. That's the price you pay for an automatic transmission! A manual trans would have lost between 10 and 15%. Either way, this Goat will be fun to drive!
  • 67GTO First Drive

    This is the maiden voyage of Blew Bayou. Stay tuned, we have a long way to go and a short time to get there...
  • "62 Vette Sumday

  • '47 Hudson Hood Operation

    After much thought and experimentation, Tim Kubelka, PAINTHOUSE's fab genius, created a hinge mechanism that is not only automated, but moves the hood forward when opening in order to clear the grill assembly. Kudos to you, Tim.
  • '67 GTO Dyno4

    This is the 4th run of the day, where it finally made some real power...the fun begins.
  • '64 Porsche 356 Clearcoat

    Thanks to my secret weapon, "Loose" Bruce, the 356 finally gets black and clearcoat.
  • Blew Bayou Second Clear Coat

    This is just prior to the body of Blew Bayou getting its final application of clearcoat. We have 'wet' blocksanded the freshly applied/baked clearcoat with 800 grit paper and now will add 3 more
  • Blew Bayou body color and First Clear Coat

    '67 GTO Blew Bayou
  • The Judges Chamber

    This is the first refinish process on the body: epoxy sealer, urethane basecoat Carousel Red and two coats of urethane clear, all PPG products. It will be sanded and recleared tomorrow with 4 additional coats of the same clear and then baked again.
  • Blew Bayou: Body in Basecoat

    The body of Blew Bayou has been sealed, base-coated, nib-sanded to remove any dust and then sprayed with additional base color in preparation for the first application of clear coat.
  • '67 GTO Body-parts Clear 2

    This is the second application of clear on the doors and fenders of Blew Bayou, our '67 GTO project. It has had coats of clear applied, been baked and then blocksanded the next day with 600 grit paper.
  • Bandit Body Parts

  • Beer Run Body

  • The Blue Belle Story

    A little chronological story of Blue Belle's rebirth
  • 57 Chevy Candy Apple Blonde

    The owner (Jeff) and the potential inheritor (son Mike) take their first spin in the Candy Apple Blonde, a freshly finished 1957 Chevy Bel Air convertible. Go to WWW.painthousetx.com to see more of the Blonde.
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